About us
      Organizational structure of LLC "HLB"

Our Team

      Audit services
      Due Diligence
      Tax advisory
      Computer forensics
      Due diligence (legal audit)
      Intellectual property
      Development of internal regulatory documents
      International economic activity, currency regulation
      Transfer pricing services
      Antymonopoly Law
      Foreign investment
      Registration, re-registration and liquidation of the companies
      Migration services (for foreign citizens)
      Appraisal services
      Attorneys on economic crimes
      ourt disputes
      Audit according to IFRS
      Investigation of computer hardware systems
      Actual services: TRANSFER PRICING
      Internal and external audit
      Construction expertise
      Merchandising expertise
      Expertise of Intellectual Property
      Contractual law
      Representative offices
      Sale and purchase of business
      International arbitration
      Examination by supervisory bodies
      Real estate
      Labor Law
      IT expertise
      Evaluation of real estate
      Valuation for the taxation
      Technical Due Diligence
      Evaluation of uncompleted construction
      Evaluation of business
      Evaluation of intellectual property (IP)
      Appraisal of machinery and equipment
      Evaluation of transport and special equipment
      Evaluation of aircraft and ships
      Transformation of financial statements
      Tax audit
      Business planning
      Recruitment services
      Economic expertise
      Audit for National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets
      Audit of business process
      Audit for National Securities and Stock Market Commission
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Professional activity

      Legislative review
      Publications in Media
      Contacts for Media

Cost of audit