Recruitment services

Personnel selection is one of the main factors that determine impact on performance of company work and achievement of its goals. Value of labor resources is determined by their qualifications, experience and professional skills. Properly selected staff and its compliance with qualification requirements, formed in accordance with expected results, is the key to company's financial health, as well as its continuous growth.

Efficient selection of staff requires implementation of an integrated approach, specialized knowledge and necessary techniques. Unique experience gained during more than two decades of our activities and in collaboration with our partners shall help you in selection of qualified personnel and recruitment of top managers, middle managers and professionals, such as: economists, accountants, lawyers, appraisers and others. Depending on the needs and requirements of the customer, differentiated recruitment approaches are applied, allowing to achieve desired result.

Our top priorities are customer's needs. Therefore, real needs of the position are provided firstly, as well as clear goals for selection and portrait of the most suitable employee. Professional employee is not only an attractive CV, but also certain set of personal qualities for analysis of which we use our own methods. We conduct preliminary interviews with each candidate, collect reviews and characteristics and analyze compliance with required positions. When analyzing we use modern techniques and individually selected methods, conduct psychological and analytical testing, perfrom special examination in order to detect presence of possible convictions, criminal connections and inclinations, determine the level of moral and psychological stability, vulnerability, sense of usefulness. Only candidates, who have passed a comprehensive selection for the vacant positions, shall be invited for the meeting with companys management.

Personnel selection procedure is conducted as follows:

1. Receipt of inquiry from the client.

2. Signing of contract for provision of services and non-disclosure agreement.

3. Collection and analysis of CVs of candidates for the vacant position.

4. CVs telephone screening.

5. Personal interview: checking skills and personality characteristics of the candidate.

6. Passage of professional and psychological tests by the candidate.

7. Checking candidate recommendations from previous jobs and other sources.

8. Formation of the candidate portrait and provision of information about the candidate to the client.

9. Client interview - employer with the candidate.

10. Decision of the client regarding the candidate.

Qualifications and experience of our employees helps to adequately and objectively evaluate individual and professional level of candidates and ensure optimal staffing decisions.

Use the service of professionals and feel the benefit.