Labor Law


Labor agreement (contract) hiring and probationHR outsourcing
Layoffs, dismissalLabor protection
Changing essential conditions of the employee's workConclusion and registration of the collective agreement
Bringing employee to financial liability (compensation for damage)Respond to requests of Labor Ministry, Pension Fund, etc.
Bringing employee to disciplinary liabilityRepresentation in court

Labor resources form the basis of any company. Legal regulation of labor relations in Ukraine is rather complicated and disputes arising in connection with the recruitment namely: recovery of the salary, unfair dismissal and change of working conditions, bringing to disciplinary liability are the most common categories of court cases.

Lawyers and attorneys of HLB UKRAINE Legal Services have significant experience in the field of labor law and are ready to support their clients in all difficult situations related with recruitment and dismissal of employees, bringing them to liability, labor organization (working hours, working conditions, weekends, vacation, etc.). We shall help to perform the following procedures competently and in accordance with the requirements of legislation: layoffs, change of working conditions (transfer to another position, resizing of the salary, transfer to part-time working day), bringing to material and disciplinary liability, termination of labor contract, etc.

We advise on employment issues, conduct personnel audit, develop internal and HR documentation of the company (labor agreements (contracts), internal regulations, staffing, job descriptions, orders, etc.).

Our services also includes maintenance of inspections and representation of the company and employees in employment agencies, the Ministry of Labor, support of labor disputes, namely in court.


Minimization of company's expenses on compensation for enforced absenceMinimization of risk of bringing company's management to liability for violations of labor legislation
Recovery of damage caused by the perpetratorsPositive outcome of the trial
Conclusion of labor contracts, which fully comply with labor legislationSafe dismissal of employees when staff layoffs