Tax advisory

  • Tax Due Diligence

  • Tax audit

  • Tax planning (development, implementation and monitoring)

  • Advice on Tax Returns

  • Preparation of Tax Returns on property status and income

  • Representation of interests of domestic and foreign companies

  • International tax planning

Based on our wide knowledge and professional experience, as well as our own developed methodologies we provide practical solutions in taxation field. Developing optimization procedures we carry out their implementation, maintenance, monitoring and current support. This enables to respond to any amendments in legislation or business practice in due course and promptly perform necessary adjustments in work.

Our long-term practice and efficient professional interaction with tax authorities, their consulting services, managers and employees enable us to be aware of the latest developments, opinions and plans in regard to all kinds of taxes.

In cooperation with our clients and partners we propose only legitimate, approved and reliable tax planning methods, based on implementation of various tax regulations, efficient exercising of tax exemptions, competent organization of an enterprise or a holding structure.

Today business is global. For businesses to grow and compete they need to develop internationally. Tax and Revenue authorities around the world are getting more sophisticated; they share information both on taxpayers and in developing tax laws. Companies with international plans and operations need to be fully informed. They need tax professionals who can provide a combination of local attention and global capabilities. HLB International, through its international network of independent professional member firms, can provide you with the necessary proactive advice and support.

HLB member firms international tax service teams can work together to plan for and provide a wide range of opportunities for both inbound and outbound businesses and corporations. They also offer services to those executives whose careers take them around the world and for individuals who wish to migrate to another tax jurisdiction.

Every multi-national company must constantly re-evaluate its tax structure and exposure. Compliance is at minimum an annual undertaking, and laws in every country are changing rapidly. HLB member firms understand clients' needs and aspirations and our approach focuses on helping you meet these challenges.