ourt disputes


Disputes on contractual obligations (enforcing contracts, debt collection, etc.)Tax and customs disputes (namely: appealing of tax notices, decisions)
Compensation for damages (actual losses, lost benefit, personal injury)Appeal of decisions and actions of government authorities
Corporate disputes Disputes with customers
Labour disputesEuropean court on human rights
Land disputes and real estateArbitration courts
Disputes in the sphere of intellectual propertyExecution of court decisions

Court proceeding is a general tool which allows to protect your interests in all areas of business and everyday life. Support of litigations is one of the leading activities of HLB UKRAINE Legal Services.

Our team of experienced lawyers ensures qualified support of various disputes with the highest positive result for a client. Our experts shall assess prospects of the case, identify risks and possibilities of resolving the dispute within pre-court process, as well as help to predict the prospects of litigation and to take all measures necessary to protect your interests.

Support of court case includes consulting the client on all case issues, namely: development of the case strategy, procedural documents and evidences in the case, as well as direct participation in the trials.

HLB UKRAINE Legal Services experts shall promptly prepare appeal and/or cassation for illegal court decisions, as well as help to reconsider the case according to newly discovered circumstances. If necessary, we shall also prepare all the documents for review by the Supreme Court of Ukraine, as well as European Court of Human Rights.

In addition to direct support of court proceedings, our lawyers also assist in enforcement of judgments through state executive bodies.


Collection of existing debt and lossesProtection of business reputation
Cancellation of illegal decisions of state bodiesProtection of property rights
Prevention of illegal attraction of businesses and citizens to justice Execution of judgment