Development of internal regulatory documents

Regulation of work of all departments of the company and its employees is the key to success. Having clear guidelines and regulations establishes common approach and common rules to different situations that arise during execution of employees duties, monitoring their implementation, as well as in case of evaluation of such processes by regulatory authorities or independent organizations.

The main regulatory documents that streamline production processes in any company are Regulation on the organizational structure, Regulation on the structural departments and job descriptions of employees. Organizational structure of the company is the basis of positive result. Determination of optimal organizational structure, possibility of its dynamic modification when external and internal factors are changing - is one of the main challenges facing company's management. Definition of goals, objectives, structure, functions, powers, relationship, interchangeability, responsibility as for whole company and for individual departments and employees, is an effective tool and is set forth in Regulation on the organizational structure, Regulation on the structural departments and job descriptions of employees.

Our company provides services related to preparation of internal regulatory documentation relating to the work of the company in general and its areas such as accounting, taxation, management accounting and security. Work on preparation of internal regulatory documentation usually begins from reference to specifics of the company, study of existing documents and existing control system. Later we develop various models of operation, one of which is chosen as the most suitable for the company and it is afterwards prescribed in details and provided to the customer.

We offer the following services on preparation of internal regulatory documentation:

Regulation on the organizational structure;

Regulation on structural departments;

Job descriptions of employees;

Accounting policy of the company;

Regulation on Internal Control;

Regulation on pricing;

Regulation on marketing policy;

Regulation on transfer pricing;

Regulation on processing and protection of personal data;

Regulation on trade secret, confidential information, etc.

Availability of these documents will ensure achievement of goals of the management of any company, including:

ensuring employees understanding of their functions, goals and objectives;

organization of effective interaction between employees;

monitoring and analysis of the management system changes and corresponding impact on these changes;

simplification of knowledge exchange in the company;

simplification of control and organization system of subordinate employees.