Examination by supervisory bodies


Inquiries of supervisory bodiesExaminations of tax bodies and the Pension Fund
Sample purchaseExaminations of the Labor Inspection
Instructions and provisions on examinations Examinations of the State Inspection on protection of consumer rights
Appeal against actions and decisions of supervisory authoritiesExaminations of fire safety bodies and sanitary and epidemiological agency
Representation in courtInvestigatory actions

Nowadays, Ukrainian business is under constant supervision by the public authorities. Mentioned supervision is implemented through numerous examinations, which do not always meet the requirements of the legislation.

HLB UKRAINE Legal Services will help you to prevent any illegal actions of supervisory bodies and to avoid bringing of the company and its officials to responsibility.

We will provide you with professional advice on the legality of the examination (planned and unplanned, as well as documentary and actual one), authorities of the officials involved in examination, legal consequences of such examination, and, moreover, we shall take part in such examination as legal consultants.

In case of violation of the legislation requirements by the officials, exceeding of their authority, unlawful prosecution or adjudication of illegal decisions, we will help you to appeal against such decisions and actions under the administrative or judicial procedure.


Prevention of ungrounded bringing the company to administrative responsibility and application of sanctionsPrevention of ungrounded disclosure of confidential information
Prevention of ungrounded bringing of the company's employees to criminal or administrative responsibilityCoordinated work of the company during examinations and investigatory actions without interrupting workflow