Evaluation of transport and special equipment

This is the determination of value of movable property: cars and trucks, construction equipment, motorcycles, buses, trailers, trains, tractors, motor-cars, etc.

The most common cases when an independent evaluation of vehicles is required are as follows:

1. Sale of a car (in particular by legal entity);

2. Execution of car lease agreement;

3. Re-registration of the car after the death of the owner;

4. Evaluation of car during divorce (property division) or other litigation.

Expert evaluation of vehicles requires availability of the following documents:

1. Certificate of transport vehicle registration;

2. Passport of the owner. In case of death of the owner, the death certificate shall be provided, along with a document binding successor and the deceased and the successor passport.

3. Photos of the vehicle (shall be made on-site).

Independent evaluation of cars is performed in compliance with the Methodology for merchandising expertise and evaluation of wheeled vehicles (the Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine No. 1335/5/1159 as of 24.07.2009). Cost of popular cars is calculated on the basis of the data contained in the directory Bulletin of auto-commodities expert (it is a periodic directory of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Donetsk Scientific-Research Institute of Forensic Expertise and the Information Technology Centre of the Union of Ukrainian experts).

Our company has the Certificate of the subject of evaluation activity, issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine, with the permission to conduct evaluation of the wheeled vehicles.