Evaluation of real estate

Evaluation of real estate is most often required for:

  • tax purposes in case of sale, donation, exchange and inheritance;

  • transfer in pledge (crediting purposes);

  • presentation in court, in particular for the purposes of property division;

  • re-registration of property rights in case of inheritance.

Evaluation of real estate requires availability of the following documents:

1. Document of title, i.e. the document on the basis of which property is owned by the owner. It may be represented by a sale and purchase contract, contract of donation, exchange, ownership certificate, judgment, etc.

2. Technical passport of the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI).

3. Passport of the owner (co-owner) of real estate object. In case of death of the owner, the death certificate shall be provided, along with a document binding successor and the deceased and the successor passport.

Our company has all relevant permits for conduction of real estate evaluation, namely:

  • Certificate of the subject of evaluation activities issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine with the permission to conduct evaluation of the real estate, including evaluation of land plots;

  • Appraisers Certificates, Certificates of professional development and extracts from the State Register of Appraisers.

Complexity of the assignment, turnaround time and our professional fees connected with the evaluation of real estate mainly depend on the following factors:

1. Type of the object: recessed space or separate construction (structure, building, communication).

2. Functional use of the object: apartment, house, office, shop, warehouse, manufacturing, etc.

3. Ownership type: state, municipal or private.

4. Location of the evaluation object.

Your beforehand call shall be appreciated, since evaluation of the real estate objects in each case can have its own peculiarities. We are looking forward to provide you with all necessary assistance.