Real estate


Transactions with real estate, including land (sale and purchase, donation, investment, rent)Registration of right for property, restoration of documents
Legal Due Diligence of real estate objectsEvaluation of real estate
Utility agreements (utility services, electricity, etc.)Building and technical expertise

Acquisition of real estate is always responsible and serious decision that requires a balanced approach. Investing in real estate can help to provide you with a comfortable working and living conditions, as well as to bring significant revenues. All this is possible only if such investment is protected as much as possible. During conclusion of real estate transactions, in particular connected with the land, such as purchase, donation, exchange, investment, mortgage, rent, etc., it is important to be fully aware about the acquired property, the legality of the transaction and the legality of the sellers rights.

HLB UKRAINE Legal Services offers services on conducting Due Diligence of real estate, which will reveal the history of the property (land) in details and identify existing risks, services on support of transactions, which foresee development and agreement of contracts drafts, preparation of all documents required for the transaction, support of the process of transaction conclusion, registration of rights for real estate (ownership, use, lease, easement, superficies, perpetual lease, economic management, operational management, etc.).

If necessary, experts of HLB UKRAINE Legal Services will help you to conclude contracts for maintenance of real estate (utilities, etc.), and our partners will conduct the evaluation and examination of such objects.

A separate area of ??our practice are also court disputes connected with the property rights for real estate, in particular: disputes on recognition of property rights and other rights, disputes on forced release of land and other real estate objects, disputes on invalidation of transactions, disputes on appeal against the unlawful decisions of public authorities, etc.


Full awareness about the investment objectFast registration of ownership right
Minimization of the risk of transaction appeal (recognition of it as invalid)Minimization of the risk of depriving the owner of its property rights