Migration services (for foreign citizens)


Preparation of work permit in UkrainePreparation of invitations for foreigners and extension of their stay in Ukraine
Preparation of residence permit in UkraineImmigration to Ukraine and citizenship obtaining

Almost every foreign company having subsidiaries in Ukraine is interested in the availability of their own qualified employees on the management positions. In addition, at present Ukrainian companies often attract foreign specialists.

HLB UKRAINE Legal Services offers a wide range of services related to employment and residence of foreign citizens in Ukraine. We can help you to solve such issues as: obtaining work permits for foreign residents, obtaining service cards to foreign employees of representative offices, obtaining identification (tax) numbers.

We shall provide you with professional support in all issues related with legalization of stay of foreign residents in Ukraine, namely: obtaining a residence permit both temporary and permanent, by obtaining permits for immigration.

HLB UKRAINE Legal Services experts shall help you with registration of all necessary documents on a turnkey basis that includes full support of the process, namely: consulting on stay of foreigners in Ukraine, preparation of all necessary documents, representation in government bodies, etc.

Our lawyers are ready to provide safe and legal termination of labor contracts (dismissal) of foreign residents.


Prompt obtaining of work permit in UkraineDismissal of a foreigner in compliance with Ukrainian legislation
Prompt obtaining of residence permitMinimizing the risk of violation of the order of employment and stay of foreigners in Ukraine