International arbitration


International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC at the UCCI)Recognition of decisions of foreign (arbitration) courts
Ad-hoc arbitrationExecution of decisions of foreign (arbitration) courts in Ukraine
Arbitration abroad and foreign courtsCancelation of arbitration decisions
Legalization and apostille of Ukrainian documents for sending abroad

International arbitration is one of the most effective ways to settle foreign disputes. Participation in arbitration cases involves obligatory knowledge of private international law and availability of appropriate practices.

HLB UKRAINE Legal Services professionally provides support in arbitration disputes both in Ukraine and abroad. Our experts will help you to objectively estimate the prospects of the case, to identify risks and shall provide you with support during arbitration proceedings. We offer you not just procedural support of arbitration dispute; we will manage the case in full and shall obtain a positive judgment and make every effort for its recognition and enforcement in Ukraine or abroad.

The range of our services includes the following: legal analysis of the case, development of legal position, estimation of prospects, preparation and submission of the statement of claim, drafting legal documents and preparation of evidence, participation in court proceedings, recognition of arbitration decisions in general courts of Ukraine, work with the enforcement service for the purpose of enforcement of decisions of foreign (arbitration) courts, as well as appeal (cancellation) of arbitration decisions.

Additionally, if you will require support of the process abroad, we will help you to engage foreign lawyers for participation in court and execution of decisions abroad and to prepare all necessary documents, including their translation, notarization, apostille and legalization.


Minimization of risk of contract non-execution by the contractor Protection of the company's business reputation
Collection of existing debts and lossesPrevention of imposing fines or other penalties due to violation of currency legislation