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Business in Ukraine has unique features of constantly being under control of government authorities, having the risk of non-execution of liabilities by counterparties and facing unfair competition. These factors make availability of competent legal experts compulsory in order to eliminate all possible risks and avoid negative consequences.

HLB UKRAINE Legal Services is a subsidiary company of HLB UKRAINE, which deals with legal support of the clients activity. High qualified team of attorneys and lawyers specializing in various legal spheres enables HLB UKRAINE Legal Services to guarantee high quality of provided services.

Significant experience of business support in Ukraine allows us to reach common ground with foreign and Ukrainian clients and to realize their goals and interests by ensuring business projects implementation.

Terms of Cooperation:


Legal outsourcing means hand over of all legal work to our specialists. Support of activity is performed by daily communication with the client via e-mail and phone. HLB UKRAINE Legal Services experts may worthily replace companys legal department increasing legal work results of the client.


On the general basis of consulting we offer our clients services of verbal consulting and preparation of written opinions on various issues, services on legal analysis of existing contracts and preparation of new ones, participation in negotiations, preparation of different documents of procedural nature, representation of clients interests before the third parties and government bodies, support of court and arbitrary proceedings. HLB UKRAINE Legal Services experts can always provide actual recommendations on the issues under consideration, estimate all possible risks and assist in development of business-schemes.

Procedures support

In order to support certain procedures, such as registration of companies, obtaining permits, support of other projects, HLB UKRAINE Legal Services offers an opportunity to sign the contract on full support of the process. As a rule, such type of cooperation involves provision of range of services needed to achieve the goal, and includes all costs related with provision of such services (government payments, notary and other expenses).

Due diligence (legal audit)

Legal audit (due diligence) is a legal assessment of particular object (namely, business) in order to determine existing risks and protect both the object and interests of its owners. Peculiarities of due diligence performance, namely: subject and volume of examination, depend on the object to be verified and are agreed by the parties in advance. Upon result of due diligence the client receives a detailed report prepared by the experts of HLB UKRAINE Legal Services, which discloses complete picture of the object legality and availability of risks.