Computer forensics

Appointment of any expertise arises due to the need for specialized knowledge, in case of computer forensics, knowledge in the field of information systems, software, computing and programming.

The subjects of such expertise are facts and circumstances established on the basis of special knowledge about development and operation technologies of computers and other information equipment for implementation of information processes (which are recorded in the criminal, civil and administrative cases).

The objects of computer expertise are:

personal computers (laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.)

peripherals (printers, modems, etc.)

network hardware (servers, workstations, active equipment, network cables, etc.)

integrated systems (organizers, pagers, mobile phones, cash registers, etc.)

embedded systems based on microprocessor controllers (immobilizers, transponders, cruise controllers, etc.)

any parts of all mentioned computer components (hardware blocks, expansion cards, chips)

Usually the expert is asked on the following:

- availability of information on the objects under research (including its latent, remote, hidden or encrypted forms)

- possibility (suitability) of using objects under research for certain aims (for example, for network access)

- actions performed using the objects

- features of computer programs, specifically on belonging to the class of malware

identification of retrieved electronic documents, computer programs, computer users