Business planning

Business planning - is an essential stage in the business development, which involves formulation of the business idea, calculation of return on future growth of capital investments in a competitive market and justification of risks that may arise during implementation process. Business planning is based on the professional development of business plans, feasibility studies and complex financial models for business development.

The purpose of business planning is to identify ways to develop business for gaining more profit and determination of existing company effectiveness. Properly constructed system of management solutions makes it easy to adapt to current market conditions, to predict the situation in the future and to respond quickly to external changes.

Business planning is the first step towards building a successful and profitable project, which will allow the businessman:

- to determine the business prospects of the project in the form of quantitative and qualitative indicators, and to assess the implementation process of the project and its effectiveness in the future

- to assess the costs required for production and marketing of products (services), to compare them with the prices at which they might be sold in order to determine the potential profitability of the project

- to determine the investment attractiveness of the project and to make the right decisions

- to avoid mistakes that can lead to significant financial losses

- to identify indicators suitable for continuous monitoring of the state of affairs

- to attract the attention and interest of potential investors

- to gain experience in planning and comprehensive assessment of the companys prospects

- to determine the future cash flows from invested capital

- to perform analysis of the competitive situation in the market and to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors

- to develop tactics for implementation purposes

- to develop methods and periods of amortization of capital assets created by the project

- to assess the overall riskiness, efficiency and profitability of the project

Creation of a comprehensive business plan is necessary to attract external financing and documentary clarification of project to potential investors.

Development of business plans is performed in compliance with international standards. During business planning experts of our company perform analysis of necessary coefficients, factor assessment, statistical, comparative and financial analysis, expert evaluation, sensitivity analysis and build discount model.

Thanks to the wide knowledge and many years of practice in various business sectors, we develop comprehensive and reliable solutions for implementation of the most complex projects.