Antymonopoly Law


Economic concentration, mergers and acquisitions (M&As)Compilation of distribution and dealer agreements in compliance with antimonopoly legislation
Anticompetitive concerted actionsPricing, discounts, bonuses
Protection from unfair competitionAppealing decisions of Antimonopoly Committee (hereinafter - AMC)
Abuse of monopoly powerProtection of interests in court due to violation of antimonopoly legislation by the subjects

Unfair competition is a problem faced by any demanded business in Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine has a practice of illegal bringing of companies by Antimonopoly Committee (hereinafter - AMC) to responsibility for violation of antimonopoly legislation.

In order to protect your business from undue influence of competitors and controlling authorities HLB UKRAINE Legal Services offers a wide range of services in the field of competition law.

We offer our clients services on obtaining permits of AMC for concentration, coordination with AMC anticompetitive agreed actions, preparation of responds to requests of AMC and objections to AMC decisions. In case of violation of current legislation by your competitors, we shall help you with preparation of applications to the AMC authorities on violation of competition law.

Our services include antimonopoly audit, consulting on issues of compliance with competition law, development of agreements according to the requirements of the law on protection of competition, verification of promotional materials for their compliance with the law, representation in government, etc.

Qualified lawyers of our company shall help you to prevent possible problems in this area, and if necessary, to appeal the decision of AMC and market participants in courts.


Positive outcome of the proceedings in the AMC, trial Protection of business reputation
Minimization of risk of bringing to responsibility for violation of antimonopoly legislationRecovery of damages caused as a result of violation of the antimonopoly legislation from the perpetrators