Attorneys on economic crimes


Article No. 205 of the Criminal Code - Fictitious businessArticle No. 212 of the Criminal Code - Taxes, Charges Evasion
Article No. 209 of the Criminal Code - Legalization (laundering) of criminally received incomeArticle No. 212-1 of the Criminal Code - Evasion from payment of a single social contribution for obligatory state social insurance and insurance fees for obligatory state pension insurance

In connection with fiscal approach and additional accrual of tax liabilities for the companies, the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine apply the practice of undue bringing of officials of such companies (directors, accountants) to administrative and criminal liability. Attorney-at-law on economic crimes shall assist in order to solve such issues.

Attorney-at-law on economic crimes is a tax attorney or attorney on tax crimes who shall help to avoid illegal attraction to individual criminal responsibility.

Among specialists of HLB UKRAINE Legal Services there are professional auditors, experts and lawyers who shall promptly and efficiently provide you with legal assistance in mentioned cases and relieve you from unnecessary disturbances.

Our highly qualified professionals offer a full range of services related to conduction of this category of cases, including: consulting on tax and criminal law, criminal procedure, drafting responses to requests from law enforcement bodies, participation during examinations, interrogations, searches, seizure of documents and things, appeal of illegal decisions and actions of the law enforcement bodies (in particular: investigator, prosecutor, judge), participation in judicial review, preparation of attorneys inquiries, etc.

You shall protect yourself and your business by turning to our experts for assistance in issues related to criminal prosecution under the category of economic crime.


Full acquitmentExemption from criminal liability
Termination of criminal proceedingsMinimization of punishment or other negative consequences