Investments are the key fundamentals and the basis for successful future of any company. Therefore, companies always try to reach the level of recognition allowing them to obtain maximum possibilities for receiving investments.

Herewith, for all investors the most important criteria for assessment of investments are:



Accountability and

Future prospects.

HLB Ukraine is ready to become a reliable partner for all investors, managers, employees of financial departments and accountants.

We would like to offer a wide a range of audit services, including:


Implementation of audit procedures for obtaining of audit evidence on the fact that financial statements are free of material misstatements and are prepared in compliance with UA GAAP, IFRS or any other conceptual framework

Transformation of financial statements

In most cases, investors make investment decisions on the basis of financial statements prepared in compliance with the IFRS. Therefore, companies, which prepare financial statements in accordance with the UA GAAP, require transformation of statements pursuant to the requirements of the IFRS.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence procedures are the main procedures carried out in cases of sale and purchase of business. Legal, financial, tax and technical Due Diligence allows to reveal all strengths and weaknesses of the investment object, to identify all possible risks and to make an optimal decision regarding investment for investor or the best strategy for the seller.

Outsourcing (maintenance of financial and tax accounting)

Maintenance of financial and tax accounting by experienced accountants allows to avoid numerous problems faced by many companies. Engaging audit company for maintenance of financial and tax accounting allows minimizing those problems and eliminating related risks.

Development of accounting policies (methods)

Justified, reasonable, clear and consistent regulations for employees working in different are a key prerequisite for any company to work as a coordinated mechanism. Availability of accounting policies and compliance with their requirements protects the company from any conflict situations with regulatory authorities.

Analysis of financial and economic activity

Making any management decisions should be based on the high quality analysis of financial and economic performance indicators of the company. Their values, structure and dynamics allows to reveal positive and negative trends and to assess performance.

Development of business plans

Business always requires the most accurate forecasts on development prospects. Comprehensive study of business environment, internal and external factors, reserves of the company, current financial position, as well as key external and internal trends is the basis for development of business plans with high level of accuracy, especially in the part of future results of operations.

Consulting services

The possibility to obtain professional oral or written consulting services regarding correctness of maintenance of financial and tax accounting, preparation of statements and interpretation of the legislation at your convenience brings a sense of comfort and balance during management of any business.

Other audit and related services

We also offer over 50 types of other services.

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