HLB UKRAINE Legal Services is a subsidiary of HLB Ukraine, which provides legal support to clients' activity.

Our company renders full range of legal services. Team of highly qualified lawyers with significant experience in different areas of law, including economic, tax, corporate, civil, labour, land and other types of law, is always ready to assist you in solving of any occurred issue.

We offer the following services:

  • legal Due Diligence;

  • verbal and written consultations on various branches of law;

  • analysis of prevailing laws and draft laws with submission of written recommendations;

  • contractual work, including development of new contracts, analysis of draft contracts, legal estimation of existing contracts, participation in negotiations when concluding contracts, pre-trial resolution of disputes;

  • drafting complaints and other procedural documentation;

  • representation at courts (courts of general jurisdiction, economic courts, courts of arbitration and international arbitration), bodies of the state authority with the purpose to protect clients interests;

  • work with state law enforcement bodies (including collection of debts);

  • drafting local companys acts (regulations, orders, resolutions, job descriptions, etc.);

  • work with foreigners (including obtaining of employment permits for foreign citizens, execution of residence permit, etc.);

  • support of registration and liquidation of the Representative Offices of foreign companies;

  • support of registration, reorganization and liquidation of companies.

InterVent Capital GmbH is internationally oriented company specializing in implementation of international investment projects and transaction management, located in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Companys main areas of activity:

1. Mobilization of Western European capital for funding investment projects (business and commercial real estate) in Eastern European countries. This activity also includes sale to Western European investors of objects of commercial real estate or whole enterprises owned by Eastern European companies or natural persons.

2. Acquisition of assets in Germany for Eastern European enterprises and natural persons (commercial real estate, operating enterprises, shares in operating enterprises).

Companys website: