Training of a highly qualified specialist – KNEU proposal

As you know, HLB Ukraine gladly accepts graduates of the Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management of the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadim Hetman for practical training and internship for their professional growth and becoming specialists.

Graduates of the University have established themselves as specialists who are able to find non-standard approaches to solving complex problems, from the first days showing dedication to their work, which confirms the high level of training in educational programs of bachelor’s and master’s levels on «Accounting and Auditing», «Tax Management» and testifies to the proper University ranking.

Today, the University offers a unique opportunity to train a highly qualified specialist with practical skills and automatic exams by the international qualifications of ACCA and CIMA for the needs of their own business!

Briefly about the most important. The Department of Accounting and Taxation (Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management) of the State Higher Educational Institution «Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadim Hetman» prepares bachelors and masters in specialty 071 «Accounting and Taxation» under the educational programs «ACCOUNTING AND AUDIT», «TAX MANAGEMENT», «ACCOUNTING, AUDIT AND TAXATION IN AGRIBUSINESS» on the following principles:

only modern academic disciplines in the specialty that are taught in European universities;
in-depth practical training with internship in audit and consulting companies, enterprises, institutions, subdivisions of the State Tax Service of Ukraine;
study of International Financial Reporting Standards, International Auditing Standards, Global Management Accounting Principles;
enrolment of 7 disciplines from the 9 fundamental level of ACCA qualification based on the accreditation of the educational program «Accounting and Audit»;
enrolment in 7 disciplines of the certification and operational levels of the full CIMA with only the operational case study for obtaining the CIMA Dip MA based on the accreditation of the educational programs «Accounting and Audit» and «Tax Management»;
studying in Ukrainian or English (all subjects and diploma) of choice;
real practice in Polish companies for a period of 3 months (in the case of training at the «Studio of double diplomas»).



1. The student studies only those subjects that form his professional profile.

2. You can form a selective part of the disciplines based on your practical business needs.

3. Having received 7 ACCA credits and 7 CIMA credits, the graduate will receive a full ACCA of the fundamental level or CIMA of the operational level in six months (saving time and money, official discounts in payment for our students).

4. The choice of the English provides a thorough knowledge of professional English at the Upper-Intermediate (B2) level.

5. A qualifying bachelor’s or master’s work will contain a project:

comprehensive perfection of the accounting policy and accounting system of the company with the improvement of key information flows for the purpose of effective business management;
optimization of business taxation and tax planning;
creation of a management accounting and management reporting system;
development of a format for integrated reporting or reporting on sustainable business development based on GRI principles;
comprehensive analysis of key parameters of activities, financial analysis, diagnostics of bankruptcy with the definition of ways to improve the financial condition;
and others at the request of the employer.

Accreditation of the educational programs «ACCOUNTING AND AUDIT» and «TAX MANAGEMENT» is confirmed by official accreditation letters from ACCA and CIMA:



More details about training, its terms and cost can be found on the official page of the Department of Accounting and Taxation at the link or contact the contact persons:

Shygun Mariia Mikhailivna
Doctor of Economics, Professor, certified auditor of Ukraine,

Head of the Department of Accounting and Taxation, 
State Higher Educational Institution «Kyiv National Economic
University named after Vadim Hetman»
+38 097 487 69 00

For information on the Tax Management program:
Ostapiuk Nataliia Anatoliivna
Doctor of Economics, Professor

Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude to the State Higher Educational Institution «Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadim Hetman» for the high level of students’ preparation and hope for further fruitful cooperation!


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