Business analytics

Business analytics is a set of possible technologies and practices aimed at achieving business goals by identifying needs and justifying solutions using the most optimal use of available data. Business analytics is conducted on the basis of the information provided, assessment of key and basic indicators, their relationship with each other and the stages of the business life cycle.

The purpose of business analytics is to identify business problems and create the possibility of changes in the organization, through the implementation of the chosen solution. Solutions are developed in order to eliminate the identified business problems: optimization of the organizational structure of the enterprise, development of new or changing existing business processes or business plans, development of new strategic plans, etc.

Business analysis aims to identify changes for the organization in strategy, structure, policy, processes and information systems and includes:

assessment of business structure, analysis of collected information;
conducting root cause analysis of business problems, their identification;
solving problems with management, planning, organizational structure and calculation of optimal staffing;
reducing the costs of the company;
development of organizational issues;
making proposals to change decisions;
implementation of innovative solutions;
validity testing of proposed solutions, support the implementation of solutions, assessment of potential flaws in the implementation;
documenting the right requirements to the building of business and improving the efficiency of projects.

Business analysis is useful for any business, it helps to eliminate problems and raise the business to a new level, and therefore it affects the level of profit.

Business analysis is performed with full responsibility and goes through four stages of work: the period of stable operation of the company, the period before changes, changes, the period after changes. The analysis and monitoring of the necessary indicators for all cycles of implementation of solutions, their financial analysis, risk analysis, evaluation of the limitations of solutions, development of recommendations to increase the effectiveness of solutions are carried out.

Thanks to extensive knowledge and long-term practice in various business sectors, we develop comprehensive and reliable proposals which ensure the implementation of the most complex solutions.


What do we offer

HLB Ukraine provides business intelligence services in order to assess the real value of a particular business, not a company. We provide:

individual approach to each client;
high-quality and reliable business analysis;
carefully weigh all the «pros» and «cons»;
attention to details and fine-grained analysis of problematic issues;
identification and documentation of business processes, their modeling.


What do you get

According to the results of the study, HLB Ukraine provides:

detailed analytical report with clear calculations in all areas considered;
economic justification of each decision;
options to optimize current processes, their improvement, development of new processes in line with business goals;
financial report of the object with professional reasoning of conclusions and proposals for the near future.


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