Accounting policy

The regulation of the work of all departments of the company and all its employees is the key to success. The presence of clear instructions and regulations establishes a unified approach and uniform rules to certain situations that arise during the performance of duties by employees, monitoring their implementation, as well as in the case of evaluation of such processes by regulatory bodies or independent organizations.

The main regulatory documents streamlining production processes in any company are accounting policies, regulations on organizational structure, regulations on structural divisions and job descriptions of employees.

Accounting policy – a set of accounting methods – primary observation, cost measurement, the current grouping and the final synthesis of the facts of economic activity.

The organizational structure of the company is the basis for achieving a positive result. The organizational structure is designed to determine how the company works and helps the company achieve its goals in order to ensure future growth.


What ensures the availability of regulatory documents?

The presence of the above documents will ensure the achievement of the objectives of any company’s management, including:

ensuring that employees understand their functions, goals and objectives;
organization of effective interaction between employees;
simplification of the transfer system knowledge in the company;
monitoring and analysis of changes in the management system, and the corresponding impact on these changes;
simplification of the system of control and organization of activities of subordinate employees.


What do we offer

HLB Ukraine provides services related to the development of internal regulatory documentation relating both to the company’s work in general and its areas such as financial, tax, management accounting, security, in particular:

accounting policies of the company;
regulation on organizational structure;
regulation on structural divisions;
employees job descriptions;
regulation on internal control;
regulation on pricing;
regulation on marketing policy;
regulation on transfer pricing
regulation on the processing and protection of personal data;
regulation on trade secrets and confidential information and others.


What do you get

Work on the development of internal regulatory documentation, as a rule, begins with familiarization with the specifics of the company, studying existing documents and the existing control system. After the development of various functioning models of the object of regulation, the optimal one is chosen for the client company, which is specified in detail in the relevant document and provided to the client.

Accounting policy 

Contains a set of principles, methods and procedures used by the company for the preparation and presentation of financial statements



Contain the definition of goals, objectives, structure, functions, powers, interconnections, interchangeability, responsibility both for the company as a whole and for individual structural divisions and employees


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