Audit services – is a complex of actions, provided to the client for the provision of relevant, reliable and complete information on the financial condition of the company.


Exactly what kind of service you need?

Audit of financial statements Tax audit Anti-Corruption Сompliance
Review of financial statements Transformation
of financial statements
IFRS training
Inventory Operational audit


What guides HLB Ukraine during provision of audit services?

International standards on auditing;
Code of ethics for professional accountants;
National legislation.


Does HLB Ukraine have the right to audit?

Audit of companies of public interest HLB Ukraine is included in the Register of audit activities, have the right to conduct statutory audit of financial statements of companies of public interest
Audit of political parties HLB Ukraine is recommended by the National Agency for prevention of corruption by audit company to conduct mandatory financial audits of political parties
Audit for National Securities and Stock Market Commission HLB Ukraine is included in the Register of audit firms that can conduct audits of professional securities market participants
Audit for National Financial Services HLB Ukraine is included in the Register of audit firms and auditors that can conduct audits of financial institutions
Audit for banks HLB Ukraine meets the criteria of audit companies with which the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development cooperates and is acceptable for the EBRD to prepare audit financial reports (IFRS and ISA) for EBRD clients


HLB Ukraine – assistant for all investors and managers

The foundation of a successful future for any company is investment, the most important criteria for valuating of which for all investors are their: reliability, efficiency, controllability and perspectivity. Therefore, when conducting an audit or providing related services, we help:

To see the real state of the company and assess its strengths/weaknesses;
To improve financial results and provide an increase in profits, save material, financial and HR resources;
To determine the ability to pay and financial stability of the company, as well as the effectiveness of its functioning;
To determine the safety of assets, hidden obligations and problems; reveal hidden bankruptcy.


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