Anti-corruption Compliance

An important role in the fight against corruption and fraud is played by an anti-corruption audit, which constantly monitors compliance with anti-corruption restrictions, as well as the implementation of anti-corruption measures in a company, government or local government. 

Anti-corruption audit is a professional activity aimed at checking compliance with the requirements of national legislation (Law of Ukraine «On the Prevention of Corruption» as of 14.10.2014 No. 1700-VII), regulatory acts and standards of other countries related to the fight against corruption (US Law «On Foreign Corruption», the UK Anti-Bribery Act), as well as ethical standards.


The goals and objectives of the anti-corruption audit

The main goals and objectives of the anti-corruption audit include:

checking of the company’s compliance with anti-corruption laws and anti-corruption policies;
checking and evaluation of the anti-corruption system in the company (anti-corruption program);
research and analysis of unusual financial transactions;
evaluation and analysis of hospitality expenses regarding their validity.

During the assignment, the anti-corruption auditor performs the following actions:

conducts an unscheduled inventory of company assets;
searches for facts and documented evidence of fraud;
selectively verifies the activities of certain company officials;
conducts interviews with company staff to identify fraud risks;
checks the financial condition of the company using vertical and horizontal analysis;
assesses the state of economic reliability of counterparties using coefficient analysis and other means.

Anti-corruption audit in companies is an effective tool against corruption and corporate fraud. It helps to reduce the negative trends caused by the actions of company officials related to abuse of authority.


Anti-corruption programs

To achieve the goal of an anti-corruption audit, auditors develop appropriate anti-corruption programs.

Anti-corruption program is a set of rules, standards and procedures regarding the identification, combating and prevention of corruption in the activities of a company.

In Article 62 and 63 of the Law of Ukraine «On Prevention of Corruption» as of 14.10.2014, No. 1700-VII, the procedure for approving the anti-corruption program and the requirements for its provisions, which are formed taking into account the assessment of corruption risks, are given.


What do we offer

HLB Ukraine provides anti-corruption audit services, which include:

accounting analysis;
checking of accounting records in order to identify fraud;
testing of internal controls;
analysis of documentation on combating corruption and fraud in the company (if any);
development of an anti-corruption program, taking into account the specifics of the company;
advising on the implementation of measures necessary to prevent corruption and fraud in the company and other means.

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