The future of the audit profession

On September 29, 2017 in Kyiv, a Conference was held on the topic «The future of the audit profession: international experience and the way of Ukraine» with the support of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, UA-FINSTAR «Technical Assistance in the Ukrainian Financial Sector’s Priority Areas» (European Union-funded project of technical assistance) and the CFRR STAREP Word Bank project.

The conference was held with the aim of informing about the current state of the reform of legislation in the field of audit and the content of the proposed law No. 6016 as of 03.02.2017 «On the audit of financial statements and audit activities» (which is being finalized).

The speakers of the event were: Tatyana Kamenskaya (Chairperson of the ACU), Hyug Mingarelli (Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine), Nina Yuzhanina (People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Tax and Customs Policy), Yevhen Kapinus (Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine), Nadezhda Bonev (EU-FINSTAR Project Director, Human Dynamics), John Hooper (Senior Accounting Expert, EU-FINSTAR Project, EU representative office in Ukraine), Yuri Dolidze (Head of Accounting, Reporting and Auditing in Georgia) and others.

Representatives of the international audit company HLB Ukraine, namely Valerii Bondar (Managing partner of HLB Ukraine, member of ACU), Olga Samuseva (General Director of HLB Ukraine), auditors and their assistants took part in a conference at which important issues on the development of Ukrainian audit were discussed. The most informative were the reports of foreign colleagues on examples of the establishment of auditing in other countries and the philosophy of Finstar itself.

During the speeches, the main problems of the development of the Ukrainian audit were also repeatedly raised, one of which is the lack of an appropriate regulatory base.

HLB Ukraine expresses gratitude to the organizers and speakers of the conference for raising important issues for the auditors and providing the opportunity for their open discussion.

For auditors, such knowledge is invaluable.


Finstar Financial Group is a global private investment group operating in Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America and the CIS countries. Finstar is very successful in financial services, IT, FMCG retail, the media and real estate sectors.

The group has 20 years of experience in creating new projects in the markets, restructuring existing companies to ensure a high level of competitiveness, as well as in consolidating new partnerships and mergers, acquisitions and creating new ones.

October 3, 2017

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