Intellectual Property

Main directions

license agreement;
registration of rights for OIP;
contract on creation of objects of intellectual property (OIP);
customs register of rights for OIP;
franchising (commercial concession);
evaluation of rights for OIP;
protection from «piracy» and illegal use of OIP;
payment and taxation of income from transfer of rights for OIP (royalty, lump-sum and combined payments).

Intellectual property rights are one of the foundations of any business. All well-known trademarks (brands for goods and services), famous inventions, industrial designs, computer software, photographs, drawings, popular songs – all these are objects of intellectual property (OIP), which always attract consumers and due to which the company receives income.


What do we offer

HLB Ukraine legal department is ready to provide you with all basic services related to OIP, including:

international and national registration of the rights for OIP, which shall ensure protection of rights;
prolongation of OIP registration;
registration in the customs registry of the OIP (allows to control import of counterfeit goods);
development of license (franchise), contracting and labor contracts in respect to the rights for OIP.

Specialists of HLB Ukraine legal department provide professional consultations on issues related to intellectual property, receipt and taxation of income from transfer of rights for OIP, as well as support of trials on illegal use of the OIP and reimbursement of losses.


Results and benefits

prompt registration of rights for OIP;
prompt and safe receipt of income from transfer of rights for OIP;
control over import of counterfeit goods;
prohibition on illegal use of OIP and reimbursement of losses.

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