Evaluation of intellectual property (IP)

This is one of the strategic components of the company’s property. Like any other type property it is used for making profit.

Intellectual property can be bought, sold, used as collateral or used for debt restructuring, solving property disputes, etc. Evaluation of intellectual property shows how such property is useful for the company.

Intellectual property includes inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks (marks for goods and services). The range of services connected with the intellectual property, except for evaluation of such property, includes its execution and registration, full legal support of the contracts on the alienation and use (licensing) of the intellectual property, its commissioning, etc.

Our company has accumulated extensive experience in the evaluation of intellectual property rights, namely:

1. Evaluation of inventions, utility models and industrial designs;

2. Evaluation of trademarks (marks for goods and services);

3. Evaluation of brands;

4. Evaluation of trade secrets (know-hows);

5. Evaluation of computer software, technical works, design projects and other objects of copyright.

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