Appraisal of machinery and equipment

This is the determination of value of any movable property, namely:

  • Office and household appliances
  • Machines and powertrains
  • Furniture
  • Devices
  • Fixed assets
  • Technological complexes and other objects

Evaluation of equipment is conducted for the following purposes: sale and purchase, pledge (crediting purposes), revaluation of fixed assets, determining of the liquidation value within the bankruptcy procedure, determination of the initial value for auctions, insurance, write-offs, etc.

Expert evaluation of equipment is most frequently conducted for accounting and taxation purposes (including sale of fixed assets and contribution of equipment into the statutory fund); as well as transfer of the company’s fixed assets in pledge.

Expert evaluation of equipment requires availability of the following documents:

1. List of equipment containing brand and model, date of commissioning and initial cost. In some cases, we also ask to specify the current status of the estimated equipment.

2. Technical documentation (for some types of equipment).

Terms and cost of work is determined considering the number of items to be evaluated, as well as the type of equipment.

For instances, it will be much easier to evaluate 50 modern computers and typical furniture, than one rare and specialized machine. Therefore, please, provide us with the list of equipment containing detailed information for us to be more precise with our fees.

Our company has extensive experience in evaluation of equipment of any complexity. We have concluded framework agreements on evaluation of equipment with a number of large companies, but still we pay maximum attention to individual orders.

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