Evaluation of aircraft and ships

Determination of the cost of airplanes, helicopters and other aircrafts requires highly skilled appraisers, since aircrafts are one of the most complex and costly forms of modern machines. Our company is pleased to offer you this kind of service.

Evaluation of aircrafts is mainly required when:

1. registration of the sale and purchase transaction;

2. transfer of aircrafts in pledge as collateral of the borrower;

3. there is a necessity in correctly reflection of the aircraft’s cost in financial accounting.

Evaluation of aircrafts foresees their classification using basic features of aircrafts: functional purpose and principle of operation.

According to the functional purpose aircrafts are divide into scientific (experimental), economic, military and sports aircrafts.

Pursuant to the principle of operation there are aerostatic (aeronautics) aircrafts, aerodynamic aircrafts, spacecrafts, rockets and hybrid aircrafts.

Evaluation of aircrafts requires availability of the following documents (copies) and information:

  • Act of Technical Condition;
  • Certificate of Type;
  • Certificate of Airworthiness;
  • Certificate of State Registration;
  • Location of the object evaluation;
  • Information about the owner of the object evaluation;
  • Copies of the documents on purchase, lease or other right in respect of the evaluation object.

Terms and cost of work on evaluation of airplanes, helicopters and other aircrafts may vary and is determined considering the type of object individually in each case when signing a contract on provision of professional services.

Evaluation of vessels is needed in case of sale and purchase transactions, disputes resolution, making contributions into the statutory fund, revaluation or for accounting purposes, but most often such evaluation is required for the purposes of fund raising, including bank funds, when the evaluation object becomes a collateral. The reason for it is that almost all of the world’s passenger and cargo fleet is constructed or purchased through bank loans.

The main factors that determine the value of the vessel or other watercraft are its type and purpose, year of construction and current technical condition. A list of other factors influencing the value depends on the type and purpose of the vessel.

Evaluation of vessels and other watercrafts requires availability of the following documents:

1. Certificate of ownership of the vessel;

2. Certificate of the right to fly a flag (ship patent);

3. Classification Certificate;

4. Certificate of Seaworthiness;

5. Passenger Certificate;

6. Certificate of Inspection;

7. Information on operating costs;

8. Information on freight, leasing, charter;

9. Insurance expenses;

10. Certificate on the vessel’s operating costs;

11. Information about existing encumbrances, including pledged or debt obligations, and other restrictions on the vessel’s use.

This list is of preliminary nature and it may be shortened or extended depending on the characteristics of the evaluation object, purposes of the evaluation and type of value.

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