Business purchase and sale

Main directions

conduction of legal due diligence of acting business;
re-registration (implementing changes into the statutory documents);
reorganizations (M&A);
registration of foreign investments;
purchase of corporate rights;
anti-raiding activities;
acquisition of the integral property complex (hereinafter – IPC);
corporate disputes, protection of interests in court.

Acquisition of existing business is one of the most common ways to invest. These purchases can be made in different ways, in particular, by purchase of the IPC or corporate rights. During implementation of such procedures a number of issues shall arise and specialists of HLB Ukraine legal department shall help you to deal with them.


What do we offer

In order to protect the interests of investors and to ensure compliance with Ukrainian legislation, HLB Ukraine legal department offers the following services:

conduction of legal Due Diligence, allowing to determine the «legal purity» of the purchased object and the level of investment attractiveness;
support of the process of obtaining necessary permit for concentration to be issued by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
full support of the reorganization process (including accession, separation, transformation, division), etc.

Our lawyers will take care about full support of transaction, including planning, consulting on corporate law and taxation, preparation and agreement of contracts’ drafts, preparation of all necessary permits, registration of changes in government authorities.

Additionally, our experts will help to protect existing businesses from illegal encroachments of third parties, to prevent possible raider attacks and to protect the legitimate interests of the company’s owners.


Results and benefits

evaluation of investment attractiveness and full awareness about the investment object;
full compliance of sale and purchase transaction with the requirements of the legislation;
minimization of risks of recognition of contracts as invalid and loss of purchased business;
minimization of risks of illegal (raider) business takeover.


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