Foreign economic activity, currency regulation

Main directions

international economic contracts;
currency control;
customs clearance of goods and tax planning;
registration of credit contracts with non-resident in the National Bank of Ukraine (credit, loan, financial aid);
bringing to liability for violation of currency legislation;
acts on cost expertise of the contracts of State Enterprise National Research and Information Center for Monitoring International Commodity Markets (SC «Derzhzovnishinform»);
court disputes and international arbitration;
obtaining of individual licenses from the National Bank of Ukraine (investment abroad, transfer of funds at the account abroad, etc.).

International economic activity is one of the top priorities of up to date economy. The keys to safe conduction of foreign transactions are such elements as competent international economic contract, proper customs clearance of goods, carrying out calculations in accordance with requirements of currency legislation and tax planning.


What do we offer

Specialists of HLB Ukraine legal department, having significant experience of work in the sphere of international economic activity, are ready to offer you services on legal analysis and preparation of international economic contracts, which comply with requirements of current Ukrainian legislation, international treaties and conventions, as well as reflect actual agreements between the parties. The contract prepared by our lawyers shall allow you to avoid problems with controlling (tax and customs) bodies, optimize tax issues and minimize risks of contract non-execution by the contractor.

Legal support of various procedures related to currency regulation holds not the least place in the list of our services, namely such procedures as:

obtaining of individual license from the NBU for currency transactions;
registration of credit contracts with non-residents in the NBU;
receipt of acts on cost expertise of international contracts, etc.

These services include full support of the process, namely: consulting, preparation of all necessary documents, representation in government authorities and other.

In addition, we are always ready to assist you in the issues of appeal of illegal decisions of tax and customs administration, the NBU, in particular, such as bringing to liability for violations of currency, customs and tax legislation: imposition of penalties, use of individual licensing regime of international transactions, suspension from international economic activity, etc.

Qualified lawyers shall promptly and competently help to solve the problems and arrange defense in court if needed.


Results and benefits

minimization of risk of foreign economic agreement non-execution by the counterparty;
minimization of risk of bringing to liability for violation of currency legislation;
prompt obtaining of NBU license, act on pricing examination, registration of the contract;
positive consideration of litigation.


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