Contract Law

Main directions

preparation of agreements, contracts;
pre-trial (pre-action) settlement of the dispute;
participation in negotiations on approval of agreements, support of the conclusion process;
court appeal of agreements;
analysis of existing contracts and drafts with provision of written recommendations;
collection of receivables, contract enforcement.

Contract is the basis for any business relations. Namely at this stage of contract conclusion we lay the foundations of further cooperation and make key decisions, defining future of any deal.


What do we offer

Specialists of HLB Ukraine legal department would like to offer complex support of the process of contract conclusion, which includes preparation of individual contracts and agreement schemes taking into account all existing agreements and peculiarities of relations between the parties, as well as not least important component as tax consequences of the deal.

We shall be glad to assist you in preparation of any contract, namely:

dealer and distributor contracts;
a contract of supply, sales and purchase contracts, contractor and services agreements;
lease contracts;
agency and commission contracts, transportation and storage contracts;
loan and credit agreements;
pledge, deposit and insurance contracts;
agreements on joint activities;
franchising agreements;
licensing and other types of contracts.

Our lawyers shall help you not only to prepare draft contract, but also to approve it with the counterparty, totally preparing the deal for conclusion.

In addition to preparation of contracts in general, we also offer services on termination of valid contracts, appeal of existing agreements in court, invalidation of the contracts or protection from similar claims.


Results and benefits

minimization of risk of contract non-execution;
collection of debts according to the contract, losses, property, etc.;
minimization of tax risks;
recognition of the contract as invalid.

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