Main directions

initiation of bankruptcy;
arbitration manager (asset manager, liquidator);
financial rehabilitation;
audit of the debtor;
protection from concealment of bankruptcy;
preparation of financial recovery plan of the debtor;
protection of creditors’ interests in court;

Bankruptcy is a complicated and lengthy procedure that creates a number of difficulties and financial losses for both debtor and its creditors. Educated professionals having experience in this area shall assist to facilitate the process of bankruptcy.


What do we offer

HLB Ukraine legal department provides clients with a wide range of services in the field of bankruptcy, which include representation of interests of various participants of these relations, namely: creditor, debtor, their owners and management of the debtor company.

Our lawyers shall prepare necessary package of documents in order to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, file documents in court and protect the interests of creditors in court, overseeing all stages of bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, we shall help to challenge the deal on dissipating of assets, perform restitution of illegally sold property, initiate criminal case for consummation of bankruptcy, fraud, abuse of power and negligence and recover amounts of illegally received funds from managers and/or shareholders/members of the debtor.

Within representation of the interests of the debtor, we provide services of arbitration manager, verification of financial condition of the debtor, preparation of its improvement plan, execution of creditors register, evaluation and sale of liquidation property, etc.


Results and benefits

restoration of the debtor’s solvency;
return of illegally sold property of the debtor;
collection of receivables/payables of the debtor;
bringing of the debtor’s officials to material responsibility;
liquidation of the bankrupt enterprise.

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