IT expertise

1. Computer and technical expertise of technical data and software is a key type of Forensic computer and technical expertise, since it allows to collect and describe essential elements of a crime and to complete construction of the evidence base by studying the contents of the information stored in computer and in digital media (including CDs, DVDs, etc.), as well as the recovery and analysis of deleted files, etc.

Expert’s task includes the search, detection, analysis and evaluation of the information prepared by the user or created by software programs in the information environment of digital media.

2. Computer and technical or computer hardware expertise can resolve most diagnostic and identification issues by studying technical characteristics, design features and technical state of computer equipment and mobile communication devices.

3. Software expertise foresees examination of development (creation) and application (use) of software in order to collect evidence in criminal or civil cases.

Expert’s task is to study the functional purpose and characteristics of the implemented algorithm, the structural features and the current state of system and application software.

4. Computer-network expertise or expertise of telecommunication systems and devices is based on the identification of functional purpose of information devices (computers, switches, routers, etc.) creating any network information and technology structure.

5. One of the key elements of the computer-network expertise or expertise of telecommunication systems and devices is the expert examination held on criminal and economic cases connected with the Internet technologies. Objects under examination may include users’ PCs, company’s servers connected to the Internet, as well as all kinds of the provider’s resources and information services provided by him (e-mail, social networks, news services, teleconferencing and other web-based services).

Expert’s task is to conduct research in order to identify structural features in telecommunications and to document any specific status of information environment stored in the digital media of telecommunication systems and devices.

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