Staff recruitment is one of the main factors that in a decisive way affects the performance of the company and the achievement of its goals. The value of labor resources is determined by their qualifications, experience and professional abilities. Correctly selected personnel and its compliance with the qualification requirements, formed in accordance with the expected results, is the key to the financial well-being of the company, as well as its continuous growth.


HLB Ukraine’s recruitment approach

Formulation of the problem

The task of the personnel selection system is to analyze and select a candidate whose professional and personal characteristics and qualities best meet the requirements of the vacant position and the company as a whole


Collection and analysis of candidates’ resumes

A high-quality employee is not only an attractive resume, but also a certain set of personal qualities, for the analysis of which we use our own proven techniques


Personal interview

Preliminary interviews are conducted with each candidate, reviews and characteristics are collected, the compliance of the required position is analyzed. In the analysis, modern and individually selected techniques are used, psychological and analytical testing is carried out, a special test that allows to reveal the presence of possible criminal record, criminal connections and aptitudes, determines the level of moral and psychological stability, vulnerability, sense of usefulness


Interview with a client

Only those candidates who have passed a comprehensive selection for vacant positions get to the meeting with the head of the client’s company


The qualifications and experience of our employees allows us to adequately and objectively evaluate the individual and professional level of candidates and guarantee optimal personnel decisions.


What do we offer

Effective recruitment requires the implementation of an integrated approach, special knowledge and necessary techniques. Possessing unique experience gained during more than two decades of conducting our own activities and in cooperation with our partners, HLB Ukraine will help you in finding qualified personnel and the selection of top managers, middle managers and ordinary specialists in the field: economist, accountant, lawyer, appraiser.

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