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International group HLB UKRAINE, one of the activities of which is to provide consulting services for business planning, begins cooperation with domestic manufacturers and suppliers of food products, which plan to enter the food market of the United Arab Emirates. It is planned to provide the company with a range of services of HLB UKRAINE specialists, which relate to professional consulting support and promote the entry and development of business activities of these companies in the UAE market.

The economy of the United Arab Emirates is actively developing, the market of consumption and financial opportunities of the population of the country is growing, the domestic market of food products of this country is expanding and becoming more diverse. The growing demand for food products in this country, at the same time, can be satisfied primarily with high-quality products. It is quality that is a priority when choosing a product by consumers in the UAE, they are much less guided by the price factor in their consumer preferences.

Given the need to search for sources of development, it is a rational decision of Ukrainian enterprises is to expand its presence in promising foreign markets, in particular – the market of the United Arab Emirates, which in recent years has significantly liberalized and requires the formation of differentiated and high-quality supply from manufacturers from around the world.

We see the potential for successful activities of Ukrainian producers and suppliers of food products in the UAE market in the possibility of selling high quality products that comply with the rules on the conditions of production, labeling and expiration dates in force in the United Arab Emirates.

The segment of the UAE food market, which is potentially promising for Ukrainian suppliers, is a segment of high-quality and safe food products, in particular – food of organic origin, which already has significant success in many foreign markets, marked with reliable information, in compliance with the standards of Halal production (which is important for this market and should be used to promote domestic products on it), with effective professional support of management, distribution and marketing systems.

International group HLB UKRAINE plans to provide professional support to Ukrainian companies at the entrance to the market of food products of the United Arab Emirates. At the initial stage, it is planned to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the business environment and market trends, institutional environment, internal factors and reserves of client companies, the current financial condition, the main trends of organizational development. On this basis, a business plan will be created for the company’s entry into the UAE food market, a feasibility study of marketing and distribution activities and the creation of complex business models for client companies in the United Arab Emirates.

We see the need to apply our existing professional skills and experience, using which HLB UKRAINE plans:

– to analyze the potential market of our customers ‘ products – the UAE food market;

– identify target groups of consumers and search for potential buyers of products;

– provide professional support in the organization of the distribution system and the creation of places of sale of goods;

– provide advice on the organization and implementation of advertising campaigns;

– implement playersettings events.

HLB UKRAINE will assist with the organization of our clients ‘ entry into the target market and with the spread of their presence in this market, to provide all necessary advice on tax and legal support of entry into the market.

Also, the specialists of our company will help with the formation of an effective structure and procedure for the implementation of measures to enter the market. If necessary , they will help to organize a new business focused on working in the conditions of the target market of the UAE, provide professional support and provide additional consulting services as necessary.

Thanks to the experience of consulting in various areas of business of the International group HLB UKRAINE, we are ready to develop and promote the implementation of comprehensive and reliable solutions that ensure the implementation of projects of our clients. One of the examples of successful implementation of such projects should be the projects of entering the market of food products of the United Arab Emirates of domestic companies – producers and suppliers of food products and sustainable distribution of the presence of these companies in this market.

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