Construction expertise

Construction expertise is a complex of expert measures aimed at identifying the deficiencies and violations made while implementation of design estimates, construction and mounting, repair and finishing works. Carried out construction expertise allows to resolve conflicts, save budget and standardize the documentation.

The main purpose of construction expertise is protection of own property and non-property rights. While conducting any kind of construction work there is a risk that work performance by the contractor for some reason shall not comply with building regulations and standards, as well as technical conditions specified in the contractor agreement.

Expertise types:

· construction expertise of the quality of executed construction and repair work. The expertise is needed to identify the actual level of executed construction work and it is a complex of procedures including, for example, quality assessment of screed, installed door and window units, verification of thermal and noise insulation level, etc.

· construction expertise of communications and engineering systems needed to verify the quality of installation work performance of all kinds: installation of ventilation, sanitation, heating systems, communication lines, as well as individual design elements set forth in the design project;

· expertise of construction work in order to define the amount of work performed and costs incurred. In course of such expertise there is performed?? calculation of actual cost of work and compliance of verification data with data provided by the design and estimate documentation. Such expertise is needed to identify fraud and artificially overrating of works by unfair contractor that happens very often.

· expertise of construction materials needed to evaluate the quality of the materials used when contractor is suspected in the substitution of construction materials or use of substandard building materials;

· expertise of construction objects, which may be included in the general plan of cooperation between the client and the contractor as the the final stage of construction work. In this case, the contractor is aware of the upcoming verification that makes him/her disciplined and prevents the emergence of possible violations from his/her side.

The object of construction expertise may be:

· unfinished construction

· building constructions and materials

· repair, building and construction work

· results of other construction expertise

· acts on technical reasons of accidents and fatalities

· documents confirming payment of the work performed

· journals of technical and architectural supervision

· scope of work

· act of land allocation for construction

· contracts for technical equipment and materials supply

· construction projects

Our company provides the following types of expertise of construction projects:

· expertise of amount and cost of construction works

· expertise of the quality of construction and repair work

· evaluation of work-in-progress cost in case of construction projects preservation or renewal of their construction

· expertise of design and estimate documentation

· analysis of the factors of actual increase in the cost of construction

· classification of costs by types of repairs and capital construction

· evaluation of damage to real property

· review of expert opinions

· consulting on pricing in construction

· consulting on construction in issues of obtaining permits

· consulting on construction in issues of paperwork for putting into operation of objects

What do we offer?

· construction expertise, construction audit in order to determine compliance of performed work with construction regulations and quality of work done

· technical supervision carried out in order to control quality of the work and compliance with the project and building regulations

· energy scanning of buildings by thermal imager, search for heat insulation defects, search for air leakages, windows and roof control (air and heat leakages)

· audit of the equipment, inspection of cables and panels for overheating, electrical, underfloor, heating, transformers and engines inspection

· audit of the HVAC system

· expertise is relevant before property purchase in order to control the quality of work performed and also you may order up-to-date service of “searching problems and/or disorders with thermal imager”

· construction control and construction audit.

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