The concept of outsourcing (means «the use of external resources») has long been organically incorporated into both everyday business vocabulary and generally accepted international business practice.

Essentially, outsourcing is an order by a customer of a third-party organization to perform certain tasks (functions) or business processes. Today, the most popular types of outsourcing are financial accounting, tax accounting, finance and legal outsourcing.


 Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing Services

the ability of the company’s management to focus and develop the most significant and economically beneficial areas and control the rationality of the expenditure of its resources;
response to changes in the volume of activities during seasonal, conjuncture and other changes on the market (there is no need to additionally engage in hiring or getting rid of excess labor resources);
there is no need to search for the personnel of the accounting department and its regular professional development (labor time costs and additional expenses), since the issue of replacing an accountant (during his vacation, illness or decree) is being resolved;
the transfer of responsibility and risk, together with the occurrence of additional costs associated with accounting.

The world practice and long-term experience of successful companies proves the benefits of ordering outsourcing services from internationally recognized auditing companies, as it gives management and owners the opportunity to develop and diversify business lines, instead of diving headlong into routine and sometimes incomprehensible accounting, tax, management and other related questions.


What do we offer

HLB Ukraine provides outsourcing services, in particular:

financial and tax accounting;
preparation and submission of tax reports and declarations;
preparation of financial statements;
complete preliminary preparation of documents of the client company during the audit at the company’s office;
advice on financial and tax accounting.


What do you get

solving your business problems;
savings on salaries of staff accountants;
guaranteed protection from the negligence and mistakes of the staff of the company.

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